About Us

Dan Ryan’s Fine Clothiers first opened its doors on May 13, 1976. With his wife Nancy’s blessing, Dan Sr. put-up everything they owned to start the business, and his family members supported him by signing a $40,000 note.

At first, it was a simple men’s clothing store, with no suits or sport coats on the walls. Dan remembers that you could almost “hear an echo” throughout the store. But as customers started discovering the fine products and exceptional customer service that Dan Ryan’s had to offer, his business grew in a big way. Dan was so successful, he was able to pay his investors off within three years. Shortly thereafter, he turned his business into a thriving, gathering place for customers and friends as it remains today.

Now, the business has grown to include tailored clothing, casual clothing, shoes, accessories, and custom clothing. In 2011, the store was awarded the Virginian Pilot’s prestigious “Best of the Best” award in the Fashion Category for Men’s Formalwear.

Through Dan’s personal dedication and service to the community, his customers, and his staff, Dan Ryan has created a store that has been a cornerstone of the Virginia Beach retail community for over 35 years. Founded on strong values like honesty, integrity and trust, Dan Ryan’s Fine Clothiers has thrived on a continued commitment to quality and customer service.