Master Tailoring

In an age lacking quality and customer service, we strive to maintain a classic way of thinking about our customers. They are the core of our business; and everything revolves around them.  This includes the time-honored tradition of tailoring. Rosario Nixon, our master tailor, learned from a young age the skills needed to offer the best tailoring in Hampton Roads.  From tacking and mitering sleeves to prevent them from rolling, to the most difficult task of re-cutting suits and pants for customers who have drastically lost weight, she, along with our other tailors, guarantee the highest quality workmanship. Many of our customers rely on her uncanny honesty, and thorough knowledge of tailoring to obtain the fit they desire. 

Unlike most tailor shops and clothing stores, we offer in-house garment tailoring free of charge. Also, we will accommodate the needs of our customers and offer a quick turn-around time.